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Fit, Empowered and Unstoppable. 

Are you ready to learn how to burn more calories, increase your self-confidence and tone your entire body, all while feeling more fit and empowered?

If you are, on the following pages, 2008 Fitness Olympian Laticia “Action” Jackson dispels the myth that women who lift weights are manly and less feminine. She’ll show you, not just tell you, how you can use weight lifting as a tool to get into the best shape of your life!

Ms. Jackson will also teach you how to identify your unique body type, how to set realistic fitness goals, how to tone your most stubborn body parts, how to create a personalized resistance training program, and so much more.

Her extensive knowledge and fifteen years of experience in the Exercise Science, Sports Training, and Fitness fields assures you will learn the proper way to lift weights, decrease your chance of injury, and walk away feeling more fit and more empowered than ever before. 

Book Facts and Questions  

Yes Women Lift

1). What Was the Inspiration Behind Writing this Book?

Over the last 15 years I have meet thousands of women who state that they want to learn how to lifts weights but they lack the knowledge, confidence and support to learn how to lift weights properly. As a professional athlete and 2008 Fitness Olympian, I wanted to show women that lifting weights is an empowering thing. I wanted to provide women with the tools to feel fit, empowered and unstoppable!

2). Who’s Your Target Audience?

Women 18-55

3). What Genre Does This Book Fall Into?

Health, Wellness, Self-Help, Fitness, Nutrition

4). What Key Points Will Reader Gather From This Book?

  • How to identify their body type and how it responds to weight training
  • How to use fitness assessments tests to determine current fitness level
  • Proper weight lifting techniques and lifting form and much more!

5). Will This Book Leave People Talking?

Yes, it’s time for women to no longer be afraid of lifting weights! There’s empowerment in being physically strong!