Program Description

The success of this program is based on a tri-part approach to weight loss. The tri-part approach includes addressing the emotional, physical and environmental factors that contribute to weight gain. Too often it is believed that over eating is the only cause of weight gain. This is not factual.  Numerous research studies have found that stress and toxic environments are also contributing factors to weight gain.

Therefore throughout your weight loss program you will be guided with the tools and taught how to create a healthy internal and external environment that ultimately leads to sustained weight loss and better overall health.

You won’t learn how to diet on this program, diets DON’T work!

However you will learn the following:

  • How to identify social and environmental triggers that lead to weight gain
  • How to identify emotional behaviors that lead to overeating
  • How to shop, prepare of cook healthy well-balanced meals
  • How to use exercise versus food as a coping mechanism for stress
  • How to discover a support system that will keep you accountable and encouraged throughout your weight loss process

How does program work?

This six-week coaching program is designed to assist you identifying, addressing the barriers that prevent you from reaching a healthier body weight. This program is designed improve the condition of your environment and learn new lifestyle behaviors that will ultimately led to better overall health.

Your initial conversation with your coach will be used to determine your goals, challenges and barriers. Each week thereafter, your coach will assist you in setting realistic nutrition and lifestyle goals. You will be provided with weekly assignments to complete that will assist you in identifying social, emotional and environmental triggers. During your weekly accountability sessions you will review this information along with your food and physical activity log with your coach.

During this time, you and your coach will determine objective measuring points to ensure you’re moving in a positive direction towards your weight loss, fitness and health goals.

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