Action Jackson teaches you how to grocery shop for healthy foods

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“Eat Great, Feel Great, Look Great!”

With so much information on the market about nutrition, it’s easy to understand why so many people are confused about what they should eat!

Does this sound all too familiar to you!

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with nutrition information and too confused about what’s really healthy?

If this is you and you’re tired of playing the nutrition guessing game this program is just for you!

How does the program work?

This six-week program is designed for the person who’s ready to learn basic nutrition principles. In essence this program is designed to build the foundation of healthy eating.

Upon completion of payment, a six-week program is sent to your inbox with instructions on how the program works. The program includes your wellness and nutrition guide entitled book “Eat Great, Feel Great, Look Great” and six videos covering specified nutrition principles.

A pre-test is taken prior to each lesson to determine your current knowledge of the subject matter prior to viewing specific video. Upon completion of video a post-test will be taken to determine if new information was learned.

Based on the time you have available, you can complete this six-week program in less than six-weeks. However, it is suggested to do one lesson per week to ensure you are learning and not memorizing the material. 


Learning how to navigate the grocery aisles can be intimidating, however, once you’ve learned how to shop healthy, you’ll be on your way to better overall health!