Chapter Summary

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New Book Name. New Book Cover. Same Message!

Goodbye Skinny, Hello Size Healthy! Formally, I'm Not a Size Zero!


On a consistent basis, women and young girls are bombarded by subliminal messages of unattainable beauty and bodily perfection. These messages are flaunted throughout social media, on print ads and within the pages of beauty magazines.

With so much pressure to measure up, women from all walks of life spend excess time, energy, and resources on their body and their appearance.  The chase for bodily perfection often results in feelings of low self-esteem, low self-worth and negative body image issues.

Have you ever felt this way? If you have, you are not alone.

It’s Time for a Change

Research shows that 80 percent of women are dissatisfied with their body and their appearance. Unfortunately this has become the social norm. However, there’s a need for change. There’s a need for a positive body movement where women are taught to embrace themselves and encouraged to fall in love with their bodies and it all starts with you.  Yes, you and this book will provide you the tools to start!

Throughout the following pages, 2008 Fitness Olympian / Fitness Expert Laticia “Action” Jackson dispels the myth that women who have the perfect body have more successful lives. Although ranked as one of the top fitness athletes in the world who has been featured in over 11 national and international health and fitness magazines (Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness Hers), at one point in her life, Laticia dealt with feelings of rejection, abandonment and perfectionism. These negative emotions led to destructive behaviors including a violent marriage. Once removed from her destructive marriage, Laticia began to heal and returned back to her first love, fitness.

Over time, Laticia overcame the issues of her past and today she’s leading and guiding women on a journey of self-love. She supports women on their journey of self-love by empowering women to reject the notion that bodily perfection is a requirement for positive self-esteem, she’s teaches women the importance of becoming a size healthy versus a size zero and she demonstrates how to use fitness and healthy living as a vehicle for women to become fit and empowered all while becoming a size healthy.  

It’s time for women to take back their self-esteem and to begin feeling great about themselves!

Will you be one of those women?

Book Facts and Questions  

Goodbye Skinny, Hello Size Healthy! 

1). What Was the Inspiration Behind Writing this Book?

In today’s society women and girls are constantly bombarded by fictional images of beauty and bodily perfection. It’s nearly impossible to pick up a magazine or turn on the television without having advertisers promoting beauty and weight loss products to women. It is almost as if women are hearing on a regular basis that they need to fix themselves. This message is even seen on the pages of health and fitness magazines where thin women are boasted as being the ideal body type.  I wanted to change this message and convey to women that the most important size a woman can become is a size healthy. I wanted to provide women with the tools to become healthy from the inside out.  It is my belief that too much emphasis is placed on “Thin” and not enough emphasis is placed on “Healthy” and the reality is, thin does not always equate to healthy. Therefore, when I refer to a woman being healthy, I am referring to more than just the number on the scale. I am referring to her being healthy from an emotional, mental, spiritual, financial and physical standpoint.

2). Who’s Your Target Audience?

This book is targeting women from the ages of 17-55.

3). What Genre Does This Book Fall Into?

Health, Wellness, Self-Help, Fitness

4). What Key Points Will Reader Gather From This Book?

Reader will gather life changing information from the book such as:

  • How to avoid allowing the media to dictate their self-worth,
  • Why Negative Self-Talk About Their Body Affects Their Life
  • How to Identify and Exercise For Their Particular Body Type,
  • The Importance of Well-Balanced Nutrition for Weight Loss and Optimal Health and so much more! 

5). Will This Book Leave People Talking?

Absolutely! This book addresses real issues that real women have but are too afraid to talk about. I believe it’s time women start talking and start taking back their self-esteem! 

This Book is Transforming Lives



“This book really makes us reflect on how we see our bodies and ourselves. I realize why my previous diets were a failure because I was trying to lose weight for others to please others. I learned that I must do it for myself and to acknowledge that I am worth being it.”
~ J. Scott

“I am so thankful for Laticia “Action” Jackson who has shared her story and really set a stage of inspiration, and education. In the past I have found that there are often too many choices to make when it comes to getting in shape, like how to go about it, how to stay motivated and it can be really overwhelming. This book offers many of the tools you need to begin your journey to well-being (nutrition guidelines to actual workouts), while also establishing what it means to truly love yourself enough to invest in a healthier lifestyle.”
~A. Sullivan

“This is a book for women (and even men) who are sick of being boxed in by fad diets, extreme weight loss programs and the like that are neither healthy nor tailored to who you are and what your body type is. Ms. Jackson offers in words of wisdom and insight with years of experience and knowledge in helping everyday people achieve a healthier body that they are proud of and that they accept (curves and all). The book is filled with advice, tips, techniques, honest insights and experienced support in being healthy, happy and confident in the body you have.

Overall, this proved to be well worth the read and made for an enlightening look at just how to be confident in your body while getting to a weight/body size that is healthy in every way.”
~L. Clifford

“This is a great book to gain information about nutrition, exercise, and disease prevention. I have already recommended it to two of my friends, and I plan to distribute it as part of a university community health education project. It is easy-to-read so that people of all educational levels can easily understand, however, it also provides in-depth information so that people who already know the basics about health are not bored. I really enjoyed the discussion of the glycemic index, good versus bad fats, good versus bad cholesterol, and good sources of lean protein. The exercises presented will also help people who want to tone specific areas of their bodies. As someone who is passionate about personal development, I really enjoyed the self-discovery exercises and journals. I am also excited to try some of the recipes–especially the Chocolate Strawberry Shake. Great book that I would recommend for any woman. (I wish there was a guy version, too.)”
~ E. Jordan – Professor University of West Florida