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 Are you ready to "WOW" your audience? 

DYNAMIC, ENERGETIC and TRANSPARENT these are the words often used to describe Laticia " Action" Jackson!

A trans-formative speaker who empowers your audience to take " Action" towards acknowledging, confronting and taking charge of emotional and physical barriers that prevent individuals from creating the life and health they have always desired and deserved?

If you're looking for a speaker that will drive your audience to thier feet, look no FURTHER Action Jackson is your speaker! 

Action Jackson is a master of her craft and skill! 

D. Haley Retired NFL 


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"Action Jackson speaks like neon lights in Vegas!" 

M. Mc Carthy Community Health Expert


" Her message is power, purposeful and though-provoking with an amazing ability to weave together business and personal!" 

L. Wiley Culture and Diversity Expert

L. Wiley Culture and Diversity Expert



"She does not tell you want you want to hear, rather what you need to hear!" 

J. Loos United States Navy


" She quickly grabbed the attention of 50 teen girls and showed she was there because she cared about the health and well-being!" 

R. Reshard Robino Productions

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"Her passion for wellness and overall well-being radiates from every inch of her body!"   

K. Bump Brokers International Financial Firm  

Action Jackson Speaks (3).png

She captivated the audience with her energy and moved us with her honesty and transparency! 

R. Hatcher Communications Expert  

  • v  American Heart Association
  • v  American Diabetes Association
  • v  Emmett Till Foundation
  • v  West Florida Hospital (Voted Top 100 Healthcare System)
  • v  University of West Florida
  • v  Center of Praise Ministries
  • v  BAM Women’s Tapestry Ministry
  • v  Mainstay Financial
  • v  Milk and Honey Non-Profit
  • v  American Cancer Society
  • v  Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated (AKA)
  • v  The Links Incorporated
  • v  Pensacola Network
  • v  E3 Women’s Empowerment Group
  •    Mount Rainier High School 


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