A BALL OF FIRE READY TO MAKE THE WORLD A HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER PLACE! WILL YOU GO WITH ME? okay you Don't have to go, Thought I'd Offer! Okay so let's get to know a little about me! If you ask my mother, I am stubborn, Too FOcused and demanding, But Hey, A Girl HaS to Go get what she wants right? Okay, off track again... Here we go.......

Is it just me or does it bother you when you meet someone for the first time and instead of them asking WHO you are, they ask you WHAT do you do? 

Boy, this is a pet peeve of mine!


I’d like to believe that WHO I am and WHAT I do are two separate things, therefore I won’t even attempt to provide you with a long list of what I have DONE, rather you can go to this link and download a copy of my media kit if you’d like to go into details of my past experience and education. Although my years of experience and education have helped pave my journey to success, these things don’t define me!


You got it!

I’m a RECOVERING PERFECTIONIST and if you opened a dictionary and read the definition of a perfectionist that would describe me. I am your typical Type A personality. I’m either all in or all out. I don’t know any other way. I wish I could tell you this has always worked towards my benefit but it hasn’t. As a recovering perfectionist, I’m learning that giving a 100 percent of what I deem 100 percent is good enough and the word perfect is a lie! Yes a lie. Nothing in life will ever be perfect and I’m BECOMING okay with this reality. In my past, perfect haunted me like a ghost on Halloween and I allowed it to scare me repeatedly. Today, I tell perfection where to go, not the other way around! 


Let me say I’m not a VICTIM of domestic violence, but I am a SURVIVOR!

Yes, me!  When did this happen?

On September 17, 2007, I cowered inside of a closest while my ex-husbands hands gripped my neck taking the breath out of my body. This wasn’t his first violent attempt yet his worst. Therefore I didn’t know if I would make it out this situation. I prayed and my life was saved. When I walked away, I knew it was time to re-evaluate my life.

Although I was successful by the world’s standards, I was broken on the inside. My heart and soul where shattered into millions of pieces from my past as a young girl having a fit body, three degrees and success wasn’t going to save me. 

I accepted the reality that if I was going to get better I was going to have to address the root of my abandonment, rejection and feelings of low self-worth as a result of my father’s leaving me at a young age.

Was this an easy process? 

If I said yes, I’d be making an untruthful statement. My healing required transparency not only with myself, but with those who harmed me either physically or emotionally. This was a six year process and today I am not 100 percent healed, but 95 percent better. I just like you have things that linger from my past; however, I have identified them and work on them each day! Today I love the woman that I have become and becoming. My pain has taught me things joy never could and as a result of my past, I’m on a mission to help other women realize their self-worth!


I am the youngest of three girls and the baby sister of two AMAZING women. By far I am the loudest and most energetic. My older sisters are the balancing elements in my life. My oldest sister Yolanda is my rational voice and my middle Sister Shanta is my emotional and spiritual voice. To sum it up, I have the best of both worlds!


I have always been a caretaker and when I was younger I thought I wanted to become a Veterinarian. This quickly changed once my parents realized I wasn’t great at seeing pets die!  I cried every time my animals died or ran away. Eventually I decided that taking care of animals wasn’t for me. However, years later while stationed in the United States Air Force at Randolph Air Force Base, I discovered a new passion. That passion was for health and fitness.  I realized I could empower and transform individual’s lives by giving them the knowledge and ability to change their health!


When the birds sing in the morning at my window I can’t help but smile. I smile at the fact that I can hear such a sound. When I see the sun shine its rays on the beautiful waters at the beach in Florida where I live, I smile. When I’ve said or done something wrong and I’m forgiven. I smile! I smile to know that Jesus Christ loves me regardless of my flaws, mistakes and past. I smile even bigger because His love for me is unconditional. I smile because I was loved by Christ even when I didn’t know how to love myself.  What greater love than this!


I have two amazing parents Larry and Paulette who have both been the compass of my moral values. Their love and dedication to my sisters and I have directed each of us down a path of honesty, accountability and integrity. I have inherited my father’s amazing work ethic and have perfected the gift to socialize from my mother. Yes, I don’t meet a stranger and I love to meet new people!


Did I tell you that I love to laugh?

I love to laugh and I laugh a lot. Sometimes I find myself in my car laughing at the silliest things. Yes, people stare, but that’s okay with me. Let me also share with you that I value my family and friends more than other things in life. I have stood on the Fitness Olympia Stage and other international fitness stages with some of the world’s top athletes; however, my favorite place to be is surrounded by friends and family who treasure me just for who I am with no titles attached! Oh, I am also the auntie of 4 amazingly beautiful nieces and two handsome nephews, might I say, extremely handsome nephews. How dare I not mention them! I don’t have kids of my own yet, but the love I have for these little, okay growing people who often forget to call their auntie is indescribable. 

I Have the Perfect Podmate! 

Yes, most people say that they want to find their soulmate, however, I have found my podmate. I call him my podmate because we are like two peas in a pod. He’s my best friend, my cheerleader and the one who knows how to handle my aggressive and at times demanding personality. He knows all of my flaws and loves me regardless of how complicated I can be. And might I say, I can be very complicated!  I met him at the age of 24 and he told me one day I would be his wife. Me being me I laughed. Fifteen years later we are together. I protect our relationship and the laughter we share is so irreplaceable! I love you MKS. AKA " The Guy". If you ever have the pleasure of meeting him you can ask him about this nickname!