Empowering women to use their voices to become healthy, happy and whole! 

Are you tired of not tapping into the power of your voice by A.cknowledging, C.onfronting and T.aking charge of your truth?   

Have you experienced some form of abuse that has left your voice silenced and you're ready to speak up for yourself? 

Are you ready to know what is feels like to love the skin you're in and become emotionally free from the chains of your past?

If you answered yes I am here to help you! Why am I qualified? First things first! 

I get you! 

In my 20's I was broken into so many indescribable ways. Paralyzed by rejection, co-dependency, daddy, anger and anxiety issues. My greatest defense for my internal wounds was over performance. I became a perfectionists, determined to show my worth by "what" I was becoming! I didn't know "who"  I was so accomplishments became my benchmark of self-worth! All of that changed one night as I stood with hands wrapped around my neck being attacked by my ex-husband not know if I was going to live or die....  I survived but I had to deal with my internal wounds. 10 years later, I am healthier, happier and whole in my mind, emotions and spirit. 

I survived and now I am here to help you. You too deserve to be healthy, happy and free and I want to help you get there! 

Allow Me To Show You How To Become Healthy, Happy and Whole!

You're Worth It! 

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NBC NEWS Documentary!  

My story Struggle helps me better understand the brokenness in other women.

Purpose, Power and Passion

In a world where "WHAT" we do becomes the focus of many topics, it becomes imperative to set aside our "WHAT" to discover our  "WHO".  Discovering our "WHO" can drive our personal, professional decisions in a positive direction. When we choose our "WHO", it becomes the compass that connects us to our "WHAT".

Do you struggle to separate your " WHO" from your "WHAT"?