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Goodbye Skinny

Say Goodbye To The Pressures of Trying To Become SKINNY and Hello To The Benefits of Becoming HEALTHY!

On a consistent basis, women and young girls are bombarded by subliminal messages of unattainable beauty and bodily perfection. These messages are flaunted throughout social media, on print ads and within the pages of beauty magazines.

With so much pressure to measure up, women from all walks of life spend excess time, energy, and resources on their body and their appearance.  The chase for bodily perfection often results in feelings of low self-esteem, low self-worth and negative body image issues.

Have you ever felt this way? If you have, you are not alone.

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Changing the Norm

In a society where being “Thick” is often praised by both men and women, it is no surprise that the curvy and voluptuous frame of the African American woman is loved, adored, and considered the normal “Norm” body type within the African American culture. However, as more African American women are diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses, it is time to explore the truth about the cultural belief that being “Thick” is a good thing. 

Together, we can CHANGE THE NORM of African American women’s health!


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Don't Complicate It

Do you ever feel confused about how many calories to eat for weight loss? 

Do you believe you should stop eating before 6 pm?

Do you think eating carbohydrates will make you gain weight? 

If this is you, click here to learn the truth. Life is complicated. Why complicate your nutrition! 

FIt, Empowered and Unstoppable Shirt's AVAILABLE May 2018 

FIt, Empowered and Unstoppable Shirt's AVAILABLE May 2018 

FIt, Empowered and Unstoppable

Shirt's AVAILABLE May 2018

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Fit Empowered & Unstoppable!

It’s Not about the WORKOUT, It’s about the EMPOWERMENT Behind The Workout!

Being fit isn’t just about having toned arms, a nice backside or a flat stomach. Being fit is about using every set, every repetition and every workout to become the most empowered version of yourself! Being fit is about pushing your body past your mental limits and barriers. It’s about becoming the best version of yourself from the inside out!

Is that what you desire? If you said yes, this book will get you there!