You're Not A Number


With so many pressures to be thin, many women feel the need to constantly weigh themselves and use the number on the scale as a baseline of their self-worth and level of attractiveness. In many ways, this is counterproductive.

Therefore, I need to take a moment to be honest with you. My honesty may break your heart, but I am here to guide you on the right path.

Are you ready to hear what I have to say?

The weight scale isn’t your friend. I know, these are hard words to hear, but they are the truth. The weight scale has a tendency to not tell you the truth and depending on what time of the day you talk to her, she may tell you something different from the day before.

I know you and the scale have been friends for years, but it’s time to limit the time you spend together. Your relationship with her has the potential to be detrimental to your mind and body.

Therefore, instead of focusing on the weight scale for affirmation, pay attention to your energy levels, how you feel in your clothes, have you lost inches, do you sleep better? Can you get through your day without feeling tired? Besides you can't gain fat weight overnight. If you focus on eating healthy, monitoring your exercise and physical activity levels, you will continue to lose weight. Is it wrong to want to know your weight? No, but if you allow the numbers on the scale to dictate your self-worth and level of fitness, it's time to get rid of her!

Below you will discover ways to use the weight scale as a weight loss tool and not as a determining factor of the success of your fitness program and your self-worth.

Rules for Weighing Yourself

Weigh yourself in the morning before you have anything to drink or eat: Having fluid and food in the body will cause you to weigh more. For most women, this is very discouraging and can cause them to abandon their fitness program. Therefore when you weigh yourself, it is important to weigh early in the mornings prior to eating or drinking. The number on the scale at this time is your true weight.

Weigh yourself the same time every day: Your body weight fluctuates throughout the day. Therefore if you weigh yourself at 6am, choose this hour every time you weigh yourself in order to get a consistent weighing.