6 Steps to Overcome Medias Pressure for Bodily Perfection

6 Steps to Overcome Medias Pressure for Bodily Perfection

Today we live in a society where women are constantly bombarded by commercials, magazines and advertisements that flaunt images of unrealistic bodily perfection. These images attempt to convince women that if they have shinier hair, wrinkle-free skin and toned size zero bodies, then their lives will be perfect. Have you bought into this message? If so, why?

When was the last time you saw a commercial advertising products that enhance your inner beauty?

Why is there such a driving force behind our journey to unreachable perfection? Why are we seeking a constantly-changing illusion and then chase this illusion, failing to realize it is unrealistic and unattainable?

Has chasing the illusion of bodily perfection helped contribute to eating disorders (bulimia and anorexia nervosa) of approximately seven million women and left our young girls as young as 5 dieting? Yes, I said dieting. Young girls who see images of thinness and who have mothers who experience negative feelings regarding their own bodiesbegin to emulate negative body issues themselves. In many ways, this behavior can lead to other negative eating and exercise patterns as these young girls become adolescents and young adults. If you're a mother, it is essential to understand that your daughters will learn either positive or negative body images based on what they learn from you. Therefore, it is time for you to start loving yourself and your body. Don't allow the size of your clothing or the number on the scale dictate your worth.

Although you may feel alone and believe you are the only woman who feels unhappy with her body, you aren't alone. Women of all ages experience the effects of the media’s portrayal of bodily perfection and beauty. No woman is exempted from these pressures.

Just count the number of commercials and advertisements that are directed at women. How can we not feel these pressures? We can’t hide from society, but we can make the decision to not allow the media to dictate our worth by the size of our bodies. I am not expressing that being unhealthy is acceptable, what I am expressing is we as women have to make the decision that our worth isn't determined by what society calls beautiful.

Aren't you tired of chasing the unattainable illusion of bodily perfection and desire to get for all the right reasons? If you are, don't waste another day consumed by images of digitally perfected bodies. Start embracing your body today and become fit for all the right reasons.

Become Fit For All the Right Reasons

Become fit for more than vanity reasons: If you are only losing weight to fit into a swimsuit or go to a special event, your weight loss will not be permanent. Choose your health over vanity and it will last longer.

Do not compare yourself to others: You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Comparing your body to other women will leave you feeling insecure about yourself. Embrace yourself and become a fitter version of who you were created to be.


Do not believe the hype: The images of women in health and fitness magazines do not represent the average size woman. Being a size healthy is more important than any other size.

Believe you are worth it: Regardless of your size, believe you are worth the time, effort and money required to become fit. Make fit look good on you!

Identify your internal greatness: Often times women focus solely on improving their outer appearance and neglect their inner spirit. Discover at least five great inner qualities that make you a great woman.

Compliment yourself: Every day is a chance to re-affirm how great you are. Do not wait to drop a size before you compliment yourself.

Although the media has a way to promote the image of bodily perfection. Keep in mind, it doesn't exist.

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