Mindfulness and You


Food 4 Your Soul: Mindfully You! Become the best you by being PRESENT!


Today we live in a world where there are so many things competing for our attention! Social media, jobs, family and the list continues.


Due to this, we often find our bodies in one place but our minds in another. In more ways than one multi-tasking or not being present affects our relations and productivity.

Therefore try this exercise and tell me what you think.

Be mindful of your thoughts: The next time you find yourself in a conversation, catch yourself if your mind wonders to another place or task or thought. When this happen say the words, be present. Then focus on what the person you're speaking with it wearing and saying. Even repeat back to them one thing they mentioned. This will help you determine if you were really listening.

Here's to your health...

In January, I will be doing seminars on mindfulness, send your email address to actionjacksonspeaks365@gmail.com if you'd be interested in signing up for a virtual or in person mindfulness class!


Coach J