Mindfulness and You


Food 4 Your Soul: Mindfully You! Become the best you by being PRESENT!


Today we live in a world where there are so many things competing for our attention! Social media, jobs, family and the list continues.


Due to this, we often find our bodies in one place but our minds in another. In more ways than one multi-tasking or not being present affects our relations and productivity.

Therefore try this exercise and tell me what you think.

Be mindful of your thoughts: The next time you find yourself in a conversation, catch yourself if your mind wonders to another place or task or thought. When this happen say the words, be present. Then focus on what the person you're speaking with it wearing and saying. Even repeat back to them one thing they mentioned. This will help you determine if you were really listening.

Here's to your health...

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Coach J



Love Your Body So Your Daughter Can Learn To Love Hers Too:

Research shows the way a mother feels about her body can impact the way her daughter feels about her body too! Therefore use the following three tips to help your daughter become more body confident.

1). Don't Use The D word: Instead of having talks about diets, have talks about healthy living. Girls as young as 6 have been known to start unhealthy diet habits.

2). Stop Putting Yourself Down: Don't talk about what you don't like about your body all the time: Even when you don't think she's listening, your daughter is holding on to your every word. Therefore, if or when you're having a bad day with how you feel about your body, say something positive about your body with your daughter around. This will boost your self-esteem and hers.

3). Exercise With Your Daughter: As long as she is taught safe form your daughter can start exercising at an early age. Use exercise as a time to bond with your daughter and talk about why your exercise not just why you want to lose weight. The goal is to teach her healthy lifestyle habits! 

Chime in by joining me over at my new face book page for my girls youth fitness program " Yes Girls Lift Project"  https://www.facebook.com/yesgirlsliftproject/ and let's start talking about more ways we can help our girls create positive body image!

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It's DETOX time

Hello! It’s me, Health & Fitness Expert Action Jackson, how are you?

No, really how are you doing?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you really expressed the truth of how you felt when someone asked how you were doing?  I know this statement is often viewed as a pleasantry, but what would happen if we could all find a safe place to tell someone how we really felt when someone asked this question.  As I did a self-reflection upon this question and searched to make sure I had a safe place to express my truth, I couldn’t help but wonder what wasn’t true in my life and what needed to go. Whydid I think this?

I like you often say everything is great or going well, but is that really the truth? The answer is no... Therefore I had to go a little further as ask myself, if things aren't going well why am I holding on to them. In essence I started thinking about a life DETOX! You may be familiar with a health and fitness detox, this is great, but I want to did deeper and do a life detox! 

What about you? 

As we venture into another year, what is your truth? What do you need to detox from your life? Is it that job that drains your creative power, is it that dissatisfied feeling you get after having a conversation with that old toxic friend that you love so much but feel drainer each time you speak with them? At the end of the day what needs detoxing? Is it your weight that makes you feel less confident? Is it your self-defeating beliefs about your life and your future? I will ask you again. With only 15 days left in 2016, what is your truth and what do you need to DETOX from?

Challenge Activity: Take a piece of paper and fold your paper into four section and label each section as such ( Physical, Emotional, Financial, Spiritual). In each of these designated areas determine what is working, what needs to be added and what needs to go! Yes, what needs to go. For example, if in your emotional section you’re holding on to toxic relationships they need to go! If you have great relationships that nourish you, keep them and determine how you can assist them in growing!

 As you complete this activity, I’d love to hear back from you! Remember toxins poison our lives!

If you're ready to create a detox plan for 2017, email me today at laticiamariejackson@gmail.com



5 Tips to Stay Productive Versus Busy!

Is it just me or does it seem like the word “BUSY” gets a lot of attention in the lives of many women? When asked how we’re doing, often we respond by saying, “I’m fine, just busy!”  Do you ever catch yourself using the word “BUSY” on a regular basis and feel like you wear it with a badge of honor?

I do and that is why I wanted to write this article!

Just like you I wear many hats, however, last week I found myself repeatedly saying “I’m BUSY”, but when I did a daily and weekly assessment of what I was getting accomplished, I discovered a lot of my busy work wasn’t equally to productivity. In essence, I was expending time and not getting a return on my investment. This truth made me restructure my language and replace busy with productive. It also made me become more intentional about time and efforts.

I am all about woman power therefore I wanted to provide you with five tips to help you stay productive versus busy!

1). Limit Social Media: As a business woman, social media is an essential part of your marketing plan. However, create an allotted amount of time to engage your potential clients and post. If you’re not careful, pretty little Jane’s new dress pictures and the latest gossip will get you distracted.

2). Do the Hard Tasks First: Create a daily to do list and list the most important and hardest task first. Once completed, check task off. By taking action and doing what has to be done relieves your mind to focus on smaller tasks.

3). Set Objectives: Know your “WHY” behind what you’re doing and have an objective (Ex. I am going to make 10 phone calls to prospective clients to determine their interest in my products and services). Make all actions intentional.

4). Take a Mental Break: Allow yourself at least 2 ten minute breaks to step away from your project or task. By doing so you can rest your mind and return with clarity and get more accomplished.


5). Exercise for 30: Research shows performing 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise at least 5 days per week can yield great health benefits. Therefore go for a walk or do body weight exercises if you work from home. Schedule yourself for at least 3 days on your calendar per week to exercise. If you can do more great!

It is easy to get caught into the busyness trap, but by using these five tips you will be well on your way to becoming more productive and feeling more accomplished!



It's Just Life Keep MOVING

It's Just Life Keep MOVING 



If we lived in the perfect world, we could spend our time doing what we wanted including working out on a regular basis.  Unfortunately our lives aren’t perfect and as working women we don’t always have the time to do what we want and need to do.

Emergencies and unexpected events happen and we sometimes get thrown off schedule from our workouts, but when this happens,it is important to keep going and adapt. Being able to adapt will assist you in feeling less stressed and still reap the benefits of a great workout. Therefore the next time life just happens and life interrupts your workout, use the following five tips to stay on track!


Five Tips to Keep Your Body Moving When Life Happens

1.     Be Adaptable: If you can’t make it to your normal scheduled workout class, try another class. If you normally go to a 6:00 pm class and you’re running late, try a 6:30 pm class. If there isn’t one available, get creative in the gym and try a new piece of cardio equipment or resistance training machine. Do not leave the gym without doing something healthy for yourself.


2.     Take It To The Streets: Can’t make it to the gym? Go for a walk. You don’t have to attend the gym to get fit. Walking is a great way to relieve stress and clear your mind.


3.      Be Prepared:Always be prepared for the what if by keeping an extra set of gym clothes and shoes in your car. If you have to go back home to get your workout clothes, more than likely you’re not going back to the gym.


4.     Get Rid of That Thinking: If you don’t wake up when the alarm goes off or your running late from a meeting and all you have is 10 minutes to exercise, do something versus nothing at all. Keep in mind doing 10 minutes of some exercise is better than no exercise at all. Your heart will thank you!


5.     Forgot Lunch: If you forget lunch or didn’t have time to prepare a healthy lunch find somewhere close to work an opt in for a salad, grilled fish or another healthy option. Eating occassionally is fine as long as you make healthy choices.

As much as we like to aim for perfection in our lives as career women and moms, we have to realize perfection doesn’t happen. Therefore when life just happens, keep moving and use this five tips!


Do you often find yourself running late?  Missing your scheduled workouts and other health appointments? Are you and coffee BFF’s and you need to learn how to eat and exercise on the go?  If this is you, it sounds like you could benefit from a Lifestyle Coach. Learning to juggle life, work and your health can be overwhelming, but it can be done with the right tools and support!


Therefore contact Wellness and The Working Woman today for your FREE consultation.

While you’re out taking care of others! Allow us to take care of you!

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FALL in Love Again

It’s Time to FALL In Love Again

The thought of being in love has the ability to create an inner peace and joy that can be indescribable. The butterflies, the anticipation of seeing that person’s face, holding their hands and the contentment of being in their embrace, it is like being inside a Hallmark card. Love is so powerful that many women search all their lives to find true love. Being in love is an amazing feeling, but in the process of finding or being in love, women often forget to love one of the most valuable people in their lives. They forget to love themselves!

Therefore this fall, it is my desire to help you fall in love with yourself again. In order to accomplish this, allow me to provide you with five tips. Are you ready? Here we go!

Five Tips to FALL In Love With Yourself Again

1). Reconnect with What You Enjoy: Women spend a lot of time and energy devoted to loving and taking care of others that we forget to do things we love for ourselves. To change this, make a list of things you love and haven’t done in a while. Once you’ve completed your list, set a plan of action and dates to go back to what you love. For instance, if you love salsa dancing and haven’t salsa danced in a while, grab a few of your friends and sign up for some salsa lessons.

2). Say Something Nice: Women are amazing cheerleaders for their family and friends, but seldom do they cheer for themselves. Therefore every morning you awake, look in the mirror and say something nice about yourself. You’re so worth it!

3). Make Time for Yourself: Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and connect with your body. If you look at exercise as a chore, change your mindset and begin to look at exercise as a love language. Use exercise to benefit yourself not to punish yourself or to lose weight.  Schedule at least 3 days per week for at least 30 minutes. If you can’t do 30 minutes of exercise in one setting, split your day into two fifteen minute workout sessions. 

4). Laugh Out Loud: Life is a precious gift and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Cut yourself some slack and the next time something doesn’t go your way and don’t be too hard on yourself.  Love yourself enough to laugh about the situation and keep living life!

5). Stop Comparing Yourself: On a daily basis women are bombarded with subliminal messages that taunt a fictional image of bodily perfection and beauty. As a result, it is easy to compare yourself to other women. This can be very damaging to a woman’s self-esteem. Therefore the next time you find yourself comparing yourself to another woman, be mindful and remind yourself of how amazing you are. Another woman’s beauty doesn’t dismiss your beauty. Every woman is amazing. She just has to realize it!

As the leaves are changing and the weather is getting colder, it is my hope this fall season you will fall in love with yourself again. By doing this, you will feel re-energized, refocused and rejuvenated with life. At all times remember, one must first love themselves before they ever truly love someone else. 


Find True Love within Yourself

Love, it is a word that has a different meaning for everyone. It is a feeling that is often hard to describe, yet it is something everyone longs for. In essence, love is the innate yearning to be accepted, valued, needed and appreciated. This magnificent force we call love is so powerful it leads us to spending the majority of our lives seeking someone to love us. 

But what about loving ourselves?

Do we spend so much time seeking love from another person that we often forget we have to first love ourselves before we can love someone else?

I am guilty of this. What about you?

I am guilty in believing someone else can love me more than I can love myself. I am guilty of believing someone else’s love for me can take away my fears, doubts and disappointments.

What about you?

However, as time has matured my expectations of love, I have come to realize a few things. I have come to realize that I can’t love myself without first understanding the love of my creator for me. His love is without limits, without boundaries and infinite. I have come to realize, the love I give myself is a love that must not have boundaries. That means, I love myself when I fall, I love myself when I am afraid, I love myself when no one else is there. That means, I do not look to others to affirm me for I can be the first one to affirm myself. That means when others set limits on me, I love myself enough not to be placed in their personal box of limitations. That means, I can love others without expectations from them because the love I give them comes from a place within.

What about you?

Have you learned or are you learning to redefine your expectation of love? Are you learning to love and embrace yourself?

Love, what a powerful word, yet so many of us don’t know how to love ourselves!

As we approach August, I encourage you to take a self-assessment of your definition of love. Have you found yourself in a place of life that isn’t fulfilled because you’re seeking someone else to complete you? Are you not living out your dreams because you’re waiting for the right person to love you enough that you will finally believe in yourself?

I know these are hard questions, yet, they are one’s you must ask if personal growth is what you desire!

If you’re needing a lifestyle coach to help you filter through this process I know a great one!

Contact me today to set up your lifestyle coaching session today and let’s start this hard conversation together!

Coach J

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Take the Compliment


Is it just me or does it seem hard for women to take a sincere compliment? In some ways I think women believe it is humility or modesty to reject or deflect one's sincere compliment. I also believe many women have bought into the notion that they must have the perfect skin, perfect outfit, perfect body and perfect everything before they can accept and embrace a compliment.

What about you?

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you provide a rationalized response such as “This Dress Is So Old” or “My Hair Looks Really Bad Today” orwhat about “Thanks, But I’d Look Better If I Lost Weight”?  I know we all have off or bad days, however if you find yourself responding in this manner often, it is time to give yourself a break and take the compliment! Besides, do you realize how amazing you are?

I have to admit, if not careful every woman can fall into the pit fall of rationalization. Therefore take these following tips and put them in your purse and the next time someone compliments you, just say THANK YOU!

1). Embrace Your Awesomeness: Every woman is awesome, however she has to realize it and be unapologetic for it. Therefore each and every day before leaving home, look in the mirror and tell yourself how awesome you are. Therefore when a compliment comes your way it just reconfirms what you already told yourself.

2). Give Away a Compliment: When you’re able to give another woman a compliment it shows you’re comfortable with yourself. Giving a compliment is just as powerful as getting one.

3). Stop Explaining: The next time someone tells you they like something you’re wearing or how you look, don’t give an explanation such as “Thanks, but my hair is really dirty today” that deflects the compliment!

4). Give Yourself At Least One Compliment a Day: Why wait for someone else to give you a compliment. Look at yourself and tell yourself something you like about yourself at that particular moment. It could be your hair, your smile, your attitude, your patience. By complimenting yourself, you are affirming yourself.

In a world where we are taught we are arrogant if we give ourselves compliments, giving compliments to yourself and others is essential to building inner confidence. Therefore go out tomorrow and give away genuine compliments and be ready to say THANK YOU when some gives you a compliment!

Are you struggling with body image and how you see yourself? Need to get healthier in order to feel better about being in your own skin?

If this is you, contact me today to learn more about my lifestyle and wellness coaching. Having a healthy, mind, body and healthy self-esteem is essential to your personal and professional life. 

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Coach J

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As we all know, it can be a challenge trying to balance work, life and our health!

What about you?

Do you find it hard to stick to healthy eating and exercise when you have so many other obligations? 

If this is you allow me to give you five tips to balance your situation! 

1). Prepare Ahead: Preparing your meals for at least three to four days per week will keep you out of the kitchen cooking each day after work? Cook enough and freeze your extras! 

2). Get to bed early: Studies have shown, people who go to bed early and arise early to exercise are more than likely to stick to their exercise regimen. Plus when you get off from work you have extra time to do things instead of heading to the gym.

3). Ask for help: Some believing asking for help is a sign of weakness when in actuality it is a sign of strength. Ask for help to take away some of your responsibilities. This will lessen your stress and improve your health! 

4). Find a good protein shake and healthy snacks: If you're like most, it is hard to say no to all of the unhealthy temptations at work. However, if you keep healthy snacks and a healthy protein drink available you will remain full throughout the day and decrease your chance of snacking on unhealthy snacks. visit www.laticiajackson.arbonne.com go under nutrition and you will find some

5). Exhale: Stress has been linked to various health conditions such as high blood pressure which when not controlled can place one at risk for heart disease and stroke. Therefore take 15 minutes per day and exhale. Unplug from your electronic devices and just breath! Inhale the positive and exhale the negative! 

Using these five tips will provide you with a great starting point to better health. 
However, don't do it alone, my premier health, wellness and fitness coaching services has helped thousands reclaim their health and I desire to do the same for you! Log onto www.transformationhealth.us  and sign up for your FREE wellness consultation! 







What Are Carbohydrates?

Regardless of the health or fitness magazine you read, there’s always talk about carbohydrates! Some schools of thought believe carbs are good for you and others say stay away!

What are your beliefs? 

Maybe knowing the truth about carbs will help you make a better informed decision.  In order to do so, let’s learn the truth about carbohydrates and what the really do for your body!

Carbohydrates are the body‘s main fuel source that provides energy for basic bodily functions such as breathing, body movements, digestion and normal heart functioning. When compared to fat and protein, carbohydrates are broken down at a quicker rate and are more readily available than any other macro-nutrient. For many reasons, this is beneficial. However, over the years, there has been a great amount of dispute regarding whether or not a person should consume carbohydrates or stay away from them.

In the early 2000’s, this dispute became profitable for many companies that focused on low-carb diet plans that encouraged low-to-no consumption of carbohydrates. This short-lived diet craze created the buzz that carbohydrates were the enemy within the food industry, but this picture wasn't painted as clear as it should have been.

Let’s find out why!

Have ever been on an extremely low carbohydrate diet? If you have, did you experience low energy levels and restricted mental focus? If this occurred, it could have been the result of low glucose or blood sugar levels.

As stated earlier, carbohydrates are an important source of fuel for the bodies basic functioning and without the proper amount of carbohydrates from the right sources, the body doesn't function at its best levels.

I understand with all the differing opinions on carbohydrates if you are still apprehensive about consuming them, but I want to put your fears to rest and teach you more about carbohydrates.

Why So Much Drama?

Right about now you might be a little confused about carbohydrates due to the fact that you have always heard carbohydrates are the enemy. Let me emphasize that carbohydrates aren't the enemy and there’s no need for you to deal with the carbohydrate drama anymore.

First things first - let's identify the different types of carbohydrates.

There are two primary types of carbohydrates: they are complex carbohydrates (3 or more sugar molecules) and simple sugars (1 or 2 sugar molecules). Carbohydrates are categorized by the number of sugar molecules they are made of and each type of carbohydrate metabolizes differently in the body based on their chemical structure.

What are complex carbohydrates?

Complex carbohydrates are made up of 3 or more sugar molecules. This molecular structure results in a slower absorption rate into our blood stream,  compared to simple sugars. This slow absorption process provides the body with sustained amounts of energy and you are less likely to experience the blood sugar spikes compared to consuming simple sugars. Therefore, it is recommended that the majority of your carbohydrates come from complex carbohydrate sources such as whole grain breads, sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice, steel cut oatmeal, and vegetables. We have learned about complex carbohydrates, now let’s learn about simple sugars.

What are simple sugars?

Simple sugars are made up of 1 or 2 sugar molecules. Their molecular structure results in faster sugar absorption into our bodies and high spikes in blood glucose or blood sugar levels. Consumption of simple sugars provides quick, but inadequate amounts of sustained energy. These sugars are found in processed foods such as, baked goods, milk products, honey, corn syrup, molasses, brown sugar, and maple syrup. Consuming high amounts of simple sugars has been linked to diabetes, weight gain, and other health related issues, including inflammation. Therefore, these should be consumed in moderation.


Providing you with this basic information about carbohydrates will hopefully provide you with greater insight about carbohydrates!  Remember all carbohydrates aren’t bad for you! Therefore, go grab a piece of your favorite fruit.


Spring is here but summer is right around the corner and you know what that means don't you?

You got it, it's beach time! 

Therefore in order to feel really great about being in your swimsuit, try this simple yet effective move!

I promise you it works, just ask my glutes! 

Here's how to perform this GLUTE blasting move! 

Targeted Muscle: glutes, hamstrings

Set Up: Lie on your back with both feet placed on the ground knees bent, with arms extended by your side.

Action: In a slow and controlled manner, slowly lift right leg off ground, while bridging up on left leg by squeezing your glutes and hamstrings. Hold body in this position for a count and then slowly lower left hip and right leg. Switch legs and repeat movement pattern on the opposite side of your body until set is complete. 


*Modified Version: Keep both feet on ground, and then bridge up.

Beginners Try 1-2 sets 8-10 reps Intermediate and Advanced Try 3-4 sets 12-15 reps...

For more great GLUTE toning moves like these, check out my women's fitness training book " Yes Women Lift- A Woman's Guide To Lifting Weights and Feeling Great, Avaiable on Create Space and Amazon! Available in B&W and

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8 Tips toSucceed in Fitness and Weight Loss

Getting fit at any age can be a challenge, however, planning for your fitness success can assist you in reaching your desired destination.

Therefore all me to you with 8 tips to succeed with your your fitness and weight loss goals.

ü  Make a list of challenges that are keeping you from setting and reaching your fitness/health goals. Be honest and make realistic goals to change these behaviors. Any behavior done consistently for more than thirty days can normally become a habit. Take one-step at a time to change these behaviors; be patient - change will not occur over night.

ü  Surround yourself with other women in your age group who are dedicated to getting fit. Forming a strong support system is essential to your success and will provide you with support from other women who may experience the same emotional and physical challenges.

ü  As you reach your goals, reward yourself with non-food items to celebrate your success. Possibly get a new dress, shoes or purse. Make it special to your likings.

ü  Share your accomplishments with individuals in your support system who love and believe in you. They won’t downplay your success and they will know how hard you have worked to get there.

ü  Continue to hold yourself accountable to making progress and don't allow your age to be a barrier to reaching your fitness goals. In order to do this, find an accountability partner to help you stay consistent and dedicated. If you find yourself discouraged, address the causes of your discouragement and move forward.

ü  If you fall off track, do not beat yourself up. Get back up, brush the dust off and move forward with your fitness goals. Everyone gets side tracked every now and then.

ü  If you become bored with your fitness goals, set new ones. This will keep you engaged and excited about your fitness program and reaching your desired fitness destination.

ü  Take your workouts to the pool. As we age, we may experience arthritis and other joint problems. If you experience joint problems with physical activities, take your exercise to the pool. Exercising in the water places less stress on the joints and allows more pain-free movements.

Using these 8 tips will assist you in staying focused on reaching your health, weight loss and fitness goals.

Need help creating a fitness or weight loss plan?

Contact me by email@ laticiaactionjackson@gmail.com

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You don’t have to be a fashion model walking down the runway to feel great about yourself! You definitely don’t have to be a size zero or size small to feel good about yourself! However, you DO have to have confidence make you feel great!

Yes, confidence!

As a lifestyle and fitness expert, I have spent the last 15 years helping women get into the best shape of their life. I’ve seen women lose 50 lbs.’ and I’ve seen women get into the best shape of their lives 12 weeks after giving birth. My, what a rewarding career!  What’s even more amazing is, I’ve noticed that although many of these women have lost weight, they still lacked confidence in their body.

Does this sound like you?

Have you lost weight but still don’t feel great about your body?

First allow me to say congratulations on investing in yourself by taking the time, commitment and responsibility to take care of your body. I know the amount of effort this requires! Let’s now get back to body image!  Although losing weight can make someone feel better physically, sometimes the mental imagery of being heavy remains embedded in a person’s mind. Just imagine not being able to wear certain clothes, partake in certain activities or never feeling good in your own skin.  The emotions attached to this don’t dissipate as a result of weight loss. It takes some months and others years to feel great about their body. Therefore allow me to give you five tips to build self-confidence! Are you ready?

5 Tips to Build Confidence After Weight Loss

1). Celebrate Your Decision: Making the decision to invest in yourself and your health will give you a jolt of confidence. It takes confidence to believe in yourself and your ability to get healthy or fit. Each day you do something healthy for yourself; tell yourself how amazing you are for what you accomplished.

2). Try a New Color:  Color has the ability to make you feel. Therefore, if you constantly find yourself wearing the same colors, get out of your comfort zone and try a new color. Try a color you always thought you looked great in but was too afraid to bring attention to yourself!  

3). Take a Good Look: Stand in the mirror and take a good look at your body and the weight you have lost. Don’t focus on the areas of your body you don’t like, however, focus on the areas you’ve noticed that have made great improvements. This will give you a boost of confidence!

4). Compliment Yourself: Even if you don’t have anywhere to go, get dressed up and find somewhere to take yourself. Once you’re dressed, compliment yourself on how wonderful you look. It is not necessary to wait for someone else to tell you how great you look! Being able to say kind things to yourself will build confidence!

5). Make Healthy Choices: Losing weight and keeping it off requires the commitment to healthy living. Therefore each day make healthy food choices. Choose foods that make you feel alive and energetic. This will build confidence when people notice your energy exuding from the inside out!

Losing weight and learning to love yourself and the body you’re in can be a long process, nonetheless, applying the following tips will start you on the right track!


Article Written By Health and Fitness Expert Laticia “ Action” Jackson

Website: www.laticiaactionjackson.com






 From the time girls are born, they are told how beautiful they are. They are placed in pretty pink dresses and visited by family and friends. Families and friends rant over the little girl’s beauty and reassure her constantly of how beautiful she is.  When the little girl falls or gets hurt she’s bombarded with hugs and affirmations that once again that tell her how beautiful she is.

Fast forward twenty years later and the little girl has become a young woman.  However, the rants and raves of how beautiful she is don’t happen as frequently. To ensure she continually receives this affirmation, she spends hours on her hair and make-up, spends endless time at the gym with the hopes of perfecting her body, and uses social media as a platform to post selfies to get likes and attention.

Does this sound like a girl you know?

If it doesn’t, just log on to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and you will find her. You will find that girl seeking affirmation. Her appearance has become her self-esteem and without it she’s lost.

How did this happen?  

Children just like adults become products of their environments. During childhood developmental stages, a child’s environment creates the framework for how they will see themselves, their body and their position in life as they grow older. This is where parents  can reshape the messages young girls are hearing about the "b" word. The word “beautiful” is  used too often when communicating with young girls. As a result of the constant exposure to the word “beautiful”,  girls begin to believe beauty is strictly based on one’s appearance. This idea of beauty places girls at a great disadvantage point.

Therefore, if we are going to redefine what it means to “beautiful”, it is essential to start having different conversations and experiences with our young girls. We can start by doing the following:

                                   5 Tips To Redefine the "B" Word

 1). Stop Using the "B" Word So Often: When praising a young girl, use other words to describe her instead of consistently mentioning her beauty. Use words that highlight her creativity, kindness, athleticism, spirit and other great attributes.

2). Hold the Dress Please: Although dresses can be a great way to “girly” up your daughter or niece, try having her wear non-gendered specific clothing. This will allow her to feel comfortable in anything she wears and creates a sense of self not based on always wearing “girl dresses”.

3). Tell Her She’s Strong: Girls are often thought of as being the weaker of the two sexes even at a young age. When a girl falls she’s pampered, but when a boy falls, he’s told to get up and be strong. Therefore the next time your little girl falls, make sure she’s okay, and then begin to tell her how strong she is, how she’s such a big girl and that she’s going to be just fine. When she gets older and life knocks her down, she’ll feel confident that she can get back up when she falls.

4). Expose Her To Non-Traditional Activities: Too often girls are given Barbie dolls, tea houses, and tools that perpetuate old-time feminine roles. To change this message and expectations, give your girl a tool kit, trains and let her throw around a football if she chooses.  By doing this, you are exposing her to developing different skills sets and experiences that will later shape her career and activity choices.

5). Let Her Get Dirty: Being overly protective of your girl getting dirty can make her believe she’s too fragile. In the long run this can prove harmful. Therefore, allow your daughter to dig in the dirt, play with dirt and experience the great outdoors. When she comes inside to clean up, don’t make a rant about girls shouldn’t get dirty!

Today we are living in different times, however, gender roles and expectations still exist. Therefore, to create a new generation of girls who are thought leaders and world changers we have to redefine the “b” word and place greater expectations on our girls. They are smart, creative and can become future leaders when they are guided in the right direction with the right resource’s and empowering words spoken over them!

Written By:  Laticia " Action" Jackson

Health & Fitness Expert/ Author/Speaker/Olympian

Website: www.laticiaactionjackson.com