“It's time to write your story”

Writing a book can be a very rewarded yet scary process from some.  

Some people have questions such as, what do I write about, how do I reach my target audience, will people really read my book and how will I sell my book? Does this sound all too familiar to you?

As the author of five self-published books, I had many of the same questions you may have. However, I didn’t have the guidance and support from anyone to answer many of the questions I had about self-publishing. Therefore I had to research the answers to all of my questions.  Through extensive research, a few mess ups (okay more than a few), I learned what to do from start to finish. This included learning how to decide a title for my book, how to ensure my intellectual property was protected, how to choose a self-publishing platform and so much.

In essence my mistakes were made to help you not make the same mistakes!

Therefore let me help you share you story with the world!

How Does the Process Work? Four Week Online Program

During each author session, I strategically address different components of self-publishing. At the end of four weeks, each component of the previous week’s session is pieced together. The outcome of this process will ultimately leave you with an author’s plan of action for self-publishing.

How are the sessions structured?

Session One:  The first session is an exploration session where I ask open ended-questions to learn more about who you are and how you arrived at your decision to write a book. During this session, we will discuss your target audience and the message you want to convey. Connecting with you on a personal level will provide me with more information needed to create a roadmap to helping reach your ultimate destination.

Session Two: The second session consists of deciding how to create the content of your book including your content outline.

Session Three: The third session will consist of deciding on which self-publish platform to choose, how to find editing, proofing, book cover designs and formatting services at an affordable price.

Session Four: The fourth and final session will consist of discussing how to reach your target audience through self-promotion and a recap of session one through three.